Five tips on choosing clients

As I stood at the entrance to the multi-million dollar development watching the Porsches, Lamborginis and Ferraris roll in and the big men of the New South Wales political and property development elite roll out of them, a voice in my head exclaimed: “I’m working for the Mafiosi.” I’ve always taken great pride in being […]

Business marketing and the art of beautiful storytelling

Martin Luther King delivers his famous 'I have a dream' speech. (Courtesy :

If I asked you to name your favourite speech in history, what would it be? Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’? Obama’s presidential election campaign speech ‘Yes we can’? Or perhaps it’s something from Churchill’s ‘we shall fight on the beaches’ or JFK’s ‘ask not what your country can do for you…’. The list […]

Time to turn our cities into parks

Bosco Verticale, Attu Studio, Milan Italy

Sydney recently hosted the IUCN World Parks Congress, a once-in-a-decade global gathering to share knowledge and innovation as well as set the agenda for protected areas conservation for the decade to come. Over 6000 delegates attended, and it was quite obvious that since the last gathering in Durban in 2004, something had shifted in the discussion […]

Self fulfilling prophecy

Self fulfilling prophecy

Earlier this year, an old client and friend of mine, came back to me to seek marketing advice and guidance. In doing so, he reaffirmed to me the importance of self-fulfilling prophecy in marketing – particularly when it comes to start-up businesses. A construction lawyer, my client established a highly successful practice, Vincent Young, eight […]