How responsive is your website?


How often have you looked at a website from your phone or tablet? (The answer, I’m guessing, is often.) Next question: have you ever looked at your own company’s website on a phone or tablet? (OK, going out on a limb here, but my next guess is either a) never or b) when we first […]

Fat finger syndrome and Viagra


‘To remain relevant to consumers who spend hours each day focused on smaller screens trying to get stuff done, marketers will have to think like publishers and technology companies’ states Joe McCambley, in a recent piece for the Harvard Business Review. According to McCambley, ‘mobile sharing is the new word of mouth’ however, based on […]

Spread the love


Our humble little website is feeling some international love. International design gallery, Moluv has awarded Tin Shed a ‘featured site award’. Aw shucks, thanks Moluv. According to their website, ‘strives to list only the freshest, most innovative, and well-executed designs’. If you haven’t had a look at our site, yet, make sure you pay […]