How responsive is your website?


How often have you looked at a website from your phone or tablet? (The answer, I’m guessing, is often.) Next question: have you ever looked at your own company’s website on a phone or tablet? (OK, going out on a limb here, but my next guess is either a) never or b) when we first […]

Consult Australia Webinar


Like to know more about the best way to engage with your stakeholders? Nicole Smith will be taking a webinar for Consult Australia in September on exactly this topic. If you’d like to attend, you can find out more at: ConsultAustraliaEducation/Webinars.aspx (Or, alternatively, you can buy Nicole a coffee and she can give you […]

The Regenerative Network


One of the wonderful things about tough economic conditions is that it inspires innovation and collaboration. It’s a form of business Darwinism, as one of the interviewees in our recent research study put it: in times like these, ‘the gold will be in the creativity not the engine room’. In the spirit of innovation and […]

I’m Just a Child


Members of the Tin Shed collective have been working on a project close to their hearts of late. Over the past year, Monica Markovina has collaborated with multi-award winning songwriter, Katie Hardyman, to produce a children’s animation titled “I’m Just A Child”; an anti-bully campaign animation targeted at primary school-age children throughout Australia. The animation […]

Winning work in a tight economy


Recently, we conducted a detailed client research project for a client. One of the questions we asked was: ‘what’s the biggest opportunity in relation to your property portfolio in the coming year?’ That’s a pretty probing question right? Well, the amazing thing is, 70% of the clients we interviewed actually told us what they were […]

Fat finger syndrome and Viagra


‘To remain relevant to consumers who spend hours each day focused on smaller screens trying to get stuff done, marketers will have to think like publishers and technology companies’ states Joe McCambley, in a recent piece for the Harvard Business Review. According to McCambley, ‘mobile sharing is the new word of mouth’ however, based on […]