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We work with people we like on things we believe in because we believe in the power of marketing and communication, and we want to use our skills for good.

Marketing, branding and communication are powerful tools. Marketing can make or break a business - to be effective, it needs to be strategic.

We love to immerse ourselves in our client’s businesses, to get to the heart of what makes your business tick, to connect with your people, understand your clients and most importantly to unlock the long-term vision and purpose, and then help to bring it to life.

If any single thing defines the approach we take, it's that we take no single approach to our projects. In order to have true impact, we like to work with clients over the longer term.

We’re proud of the beautiful companies we have worked with so far, and we welcome you to reach out if you’d like to be the next one.

Kell & Rigby

Kell & Rigby was a venerable part of Australia's building industry. Given this, we took a lot of care to communicate the company's hard-won reputation for craftsmanship and rigor in 2010, their centennial year. And although Kell & Rigby reached a grand old age, we saw that the company was dynamic: full of people who were passionate about the building game.

Ultimately, we decided that celebrating Kell & Rigby's 100 year anniversary should be a matter of telling the individual stories of the workers – past and present – who came together to build the places that Australians use every day. We interviewed many people inside Kell & Rigby and communicated their stories in a series of illustrations, photographs and a website that was accessible and interactive.


Green Building Council of Australia

You have to know what you're talking about. We really believe this. In fact, it's what prompted us to launch the influential Trilogy Property Pulse survey over a decade ago. This survey allowed us to get qualitative and quantitative data about the local property market: critical if, like us, you think it's important to know a lot about your clients' customers. The groundbreaking research we undertook via the Property Pulse survey was extremely valuable, especially when it came to the work we did with the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). Our research demonstrated that the community had enough interest in the idea of environmental sustainability to warrant the introduction of new tools that would measure and rate buildings' environmental performance. In fact, our research proved that 'green building' constituted a significant opportunity for people in the property industry. After demonstrating this, we went on to work with the GBCA on a marketing and media strategy for the implementation of new ratings tools in other sectors.


Australian Institute of Architects

The peak professional body representing Australian architects, the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) has the task of communicating with their members on a wide range of issues. They also have to engage and educate the Australian community about architecture. Given its national scope, the AIA's agenda is a big one. Still, there are times when the AIA's focus broadens beyond this, and it has to put Australian architecture into an international context.

When the AIA approached us to put something together to use in the Australian pavilion at Shanghai's World Expo we thought long and hard about how to do it. We wanted to get to the heart of what makes Australian architecture - and its architects - different. Although our audience at the Expo was in the millions, we wanted to connect with each one personally. In the end, we conducted a series of interviews with leading Australian architects. The resulting mini-documentary allowed our audience to learn where Australian architecture sits on the global stage and what makes our architects unique.



You don’t often get an opportunity to build a brand from the ground up. But this is exactly what we’re doing with myPlates while we’re contracting for Custom Creative. Our client is the only provider of personalised numberplates around, so we have a great opportunity to build their brand around some big-picture stuff. First off, we want to get people to shift their thinking about personalised numberplates. As we see it, personalised numberplates are all about self-expression, not self-promotion. The more we’ve spoken to people about their personalised numberplates, the more we’ve come to regard them as the ultimate haiku. After all, you have to compress a lot into a few letters and numbers once you’ve decided you want to reveal something about yourself through a personalised numberplate. Because we’ve enjoyed talking to people about their numberplates so much we’ve decided we’ll share their stories with the rest of the community. We’re having fun doing this: we’ve already had two Platespotters on the road and they’re collecting great vignettes from people about their lives and their numberplates. These stories will form the basis of a print, radio and TV campaign, and we’ll be giving people lots of opportunities to interact with our interviewees online.

Woods Bagot

Highly respected, Woods Bagot is a global architecture firm with a large client portfolio. We were engaged to communicate their role in the completion of 80 Queen St Auckland - New Zealand's first five star Green Star building-as well as Adelaide City Central.

There's no doubt that both projects take a good picture. But when we were engaged to communicate Woods Bagot's role in each project, we took the view that photographs wouldn't quite do the job. After all, the best architectural firms create great buildings because they understand the complexities that give rise to them. They understand that buildings have to serve a range of human interests. Juggling these interests - and coming up with a design that meets them- is what great architecture is all about. Given this, we felt we needed to talk about the stories behind the building. The documentary-style pieces we created allow the clients, tenants and architects to share their perspectives on the projects' passage from inception to completion.


Thinc Australia

Management consultants, Thinc Projects often work with big global clients who handle high-risk projects or high-stakes industry issues. They also have a large and diverse audience. Their industry has also felt a lot of pressure in recent years as the project management field has become more crowded.

Against this backdrop Thinc Projects took the step of elevating the importance of their advisory services. Given the size of Thinc Project's audience, some marketers would have counselled a huge, big spending approach to what was essentially a rebranding exercise.

That we've been able to offer something more focused and strategic tells you a lot about the way we work.We're not an ad agency and we're not a PR firm – we're not wedded to a single marketing approach. Instead, we work across a range of fields to hit the right marks. Put another way, we use the right tool to get the right result. In doing sowe know we can say we genuinely serve our client's best interests.